“It’s up to you” — перевод идиомы

“It’s up to you” — что означает эта фраза?
Чем отличается фраза «it’s down to you»?
Значение и перевод фразы “be up to someone”.
Объяснения моих друзей американцев этих фраз на английском.

It’s up to you переводится на русский как «решать тебе, выбор за тобой, зависит от тебя, на твое усмотрение.»

Есть еще такая фраза, как «it’s down to you» — имеет такое же значение и переводится так же — «решай сам, всё зависит от тебя».

В чем основная разница значений этих фраз?

It’s up to you — это твой личный выбор и ответственность за какое-то свое решение (не пойти в кино, не общаться с человеком).

It’s down to you — подробнее пояснения с примерами написала здесь >>

А это разъяснение нейтивов, моих друзей, американцев

1. ‘It’s up to you’ means it is your decision to make.
— «Where do you want to have dinner?»
— «I don’t care; it’s up to you.»

‘It’s down to you’ means one person remains in some sort of process.
As an example, pretend 5 people are talking to their boss, and he needs a project completed.
The first four people cannot do it, so he looks at the fifth and says, «it’s down to you if this gets completed,» so their are no other options, it’s the fifth person or no one.

In the first example, you wouldn’t say «it’s down to you to decide where we have dinner.»

2. These phrases are completely different.

«up to you» generally means the decision is yours to make.
I do not care what we have for lunch…it’s up to you.
You are the most knowledgeable on the subject and know what is best…it’s up to you.

«down to you» generally means that all other possible choices have been eliminated.
The other goalie has been injured…it’s down to you.
You are the only qualified candidate remaining…it’s down to you.

3. Say that you are working on a school project with a friend, but your friend calls you to tell you that he’s sick. He then says on the phone «it’s all up to you» , he is meaning that the person responsible for finishing the project is his not sick friend.

Another example: You Tell your friends that they should come eat lunch with you after work, they all say yes to your offer. After they accept your offer, you ask them where they would like to eat, they all say «it’s up to you» meaning that you can choose where everyone eats.

I have never heard the phrase «down to you» used in text form or spoken.

For the 2nd example: One day your at work with a colleague (partner/friend) and he brings his son to work. The little boy approaches you at work and says that his dad said you were a good person that was very kind to all people. You colleague then said, «my son looks up to you» he is saying that his son sees his friend as a role model.

Любопытна еще одна английская фраза “be up to someone” – означает ответственность кого-то за что-то.


It is up to the traffic cops to keep order on the roads.
Ответственность за порядок на дорогах лежит на сотрудниках ГАИ.

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