Go — Come — Went — Arrive — Return — Travel — использование

Раньше, я часто путала, когда надо использовать слова «Go — Come — Went — Arrive — Return — Travel».
Нашла хорошее видео, где американец, учитель Phil объясняет с примерами.

В английском есть такая идиома: «Easy come — easy go» — «Легко пришло — легко ушло.»
И здесь, очень легко запомнить come — go.

Go — ОТ себя.
Come — К вам, на себя.

Go — from here to there or towards away from you.
Come — from there to here or towards to you.


I have to go. I go to the fitness three days a week.Go away.
Come here. Come, lunch is ready. He didn’t come to Moscow.

Ещё слова с примерами.

Arrive — He has arrived from London today.

Went — My daughter went to study in Canada. She went to the store.

Visit — We visited Europe.

Return — He has returned from NY yesterday.

Travel — They have traveled around US.

Thanks a lot, Teacher Phil! 🙂

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