Wouldn’t — перевод

Буржуй написал мне вот такое предложение: «Wouldn’t this example use the adjective form?», которое я не смогла перевести должным образом.

Начала сёрфить инет.

Что касается: «я бы не волновался, я бы не сказал, мне бы не хотелось, я был бы не против» — тут всё просто.
Примеры ниже.

I wouldn’t worry, mate.
I wouldn’t say…
I wouldn’t call…
I wouldn’t want…
I would not mind..
I wouldn’t go to a fast food outlet.
I wouldn’t ask her.

А вот как перевести остальные «их» — I would not — не было бы, не хотел бы, не должно бы.

Вот как пояснил мне значение Дэвид:

‘wouldn’t’ means one of two things, depending on where it is used.
It is short for ‘would not,’ as you probably know.
If it’s used a question, it usually means «this is true. Correct?»

Examples: «Wouldn’t you like to go to the football game» means «You would like to go the football game. This is true, correct?»
«Wouldn’t he rather eat pizza than sushi?» means «He would rather eat pizza than sushi. This is true. Correct?»

If it’s used in a statement (not a question) it is similar to putting the Russian не in front of the form of бы хотел that would be used. It makes a statement negative.

Examples: I wouldn’t want salo would be the negative of ‘I would want salo.’ я не бы хотел хочу сало. я wouldn’t хочу сало.
If a boy asks a girl on a date and she doesn’t want to go with him, she might say «I wouldn’t go out with you if you were the only boy in town.»

Еще примеры:

Wouldn’t this example use the adjective form? — разве не должно в этом примере быть использовано прилагательное?
Wouldn’t it be nice — было бы не плохо, было бы здорово, было бы лучше.
What wouldn’t Jesus do? — чего не стал бы делать Иисус?

I probably wouldn’t have known the difference, though. Вероятно, я бы не знал эту разницу.
But they wouldn’t believe me. Но они бы мне не поверили.

Примеры ниже взяты с буржуйского сайта для самопроверки и тренировки.
Кто хорошо знает язык, поправьте, если не так перевела.

1. I wouldn’t give it up for a million dollars, just like I wouldn’t sell my left arm for a million dollars.
Я не отдал бы за него миллион долларов, равно как не продал бы мою левую руку за миллион.

2. She took out some of his and hers so he wouldn’t think she was packing to leave him.
Она достала что-то из его и ее вещей, из чего он решил, что она не собирается уйти от него.

3. He needed glasses, but he wouldn’t admit it.
Ему были нужны очки, но он ни за что не признался бы в этом.

4. I was thinking it wouldn’t be big enough for all of us after the twins come home.
Я всё думал: это было бы вполне нормальным для всех нас, если бы близнецы пришли домой.

5. She would or she wouldn’t, and there was an end of it.
Неважно, будет она или нет, этому положен конец.

6. More people she wouldn’t know.
Она знала многих людей, которых знать не следует.
Многих она не знает.

7. Maybe it wouldn’t work.
Это не сработает.
Ничего из этого не выйдет.
Это не поможет.

8. I wouldn’t believe it was alive until I saw it move.
Я бы не поверил, что он жив, пока не увидел как он двигается.

9. Besides, you wouldn’t have room to turn round there.
Вы бы не нашли здесь жтлье, если бы не обернулись.

10. ‘Husbands’ sisters bring up blisters,’ but this one wouldn’t hurt a fly.

11. They can’t even put a value on it; they wouldn’t sell it for a million dollars.
12. A few weeks wouldn’t mean the difference in paying for college, and she could use the time to relax.
13. And wouldn’t that be something?
14. Of course he is an excellent man, but still, with his father’s disapproval they wouldn’t have been happy, and Natasha won’t lack suitors.
15. I find it hard to believe you wouldn’t help him if you could.
16. Well, if he had carried you off… do you think they wouldn’t have found him?
17. It’s good, anyway, said Zeb, «or those little rascals wouldn’t have gobbled it up so greedily.»
18. If only reserves had come up just then, lads, there wouldn’t have been nothing left of him!
19. Connie immediately assured her that the Giddon’s wouldn’t be shelling out the money if they didn’t think she was earning it.

20. It wouldn’t be so bad, remarked the Wizard, gazing around him, «if we were obliged to live here always.
21. If your thoughts were any good they wouldn’t become confused, remarked the Scarecrow, earnestly.
22. If you had looked ahead fifty years to 1240, you wouldn’t have anticipated much change.
23. This is not to say that if another Pearl Harbor or another 9/11 occurred, people in any country wouldn’t rise to the occasion and make great sacrifices if needed.
24. Third, e-mail makes so many people accessible that wouldn’t be otherwise.
25. This is not a «wouldn’t it be nice if we all got along» wish, but an understanding of the social, financial, and political realities of the future.
26. I am sorry they wouldn’t let us stay another week; but I think I have made the most I could of the opportunities that were mine the past two weeks, and I don’t expect that I shall have any serious trouble with Helen in the future.
27. But why wouldn’t he want her to see the barn, and why would he build it so far from the house?
28. If I should squeeze one, there wouldn’t be anything left of it.
29. As dead as poss’ble would be pretty dead, wouldn’t it?» asked Dorothy.

30. It wouldn’t be possible for even me to get up to that crack—or through it if I got there.
31. Only a few hours after my talk with Captain and Mrs. Keller (and they had agreed to everything), Helen took a notion that she wouldn’t use her napkin at table.
32. Wouldn’t the children understand if you talked to them about Helen?
33. We wouldn’t grow under ground, I’m sure.
34. Some time ago, when a policeman shot dead her dog, a dearly loved daily companion, she found in her forgiving heart no condemnation for the man; she only said,’If he had only known what a good dog she was, he wouldn’t have shot her.’
35. She wouldn’t yield a point without contesting it to the bitter end.

36. I was thinking it wouldn’t be big enough for all of us after the twins come home.
37. Connie and Howard would be at work right now and wouldn’t be home until 5:00 pm.
38. Maybe he wouldn’t bite, but he’d certainly take advantage of her.
39. Then you wouldn’t have run off that cliff.

Connie and Howard would be at work right now and wouldn’t be home until 5:00 pm.
Maybe he wouldn’t bite, but he’d certainly take advantage of her.

Источник: sentence.yourdictionary.com/wouldn-t

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