Говорим о собачках — простая лексика на английском

В статье вы найдете ответы на вопросы:

  • Называют ли носители языка домашних животных «он/она»,
  • Как по-английски «шерсть»,
  • Почему нельзя говорить «I like a dog»,
  • Как по-английски «лапы»,
  • Отношение американцев к собакам,
  • Как по-английски «бездомная собака»,
  • Как переводится слово «canine»,
  • Как по-английски «щенок»,
  • Разговорные фразы вопросы о собаке.


Отношение американцев, к домашним животным, абсолютно такое же как и у нас: они их обожают, собаки и кошки являются такими же членами семьи. Любимые питомцы могут жить как на улице / outsdoors/, так и дома / indoors/, и спать чуть ли не в постели хозяина. Их так же, одевают в разные одежки, как и у нас, особенно, если то зима. Всё, как в России.

Важное и главное исключение в том, что в Америке нет бездомных уличных собак.
Для них предусмотрены комфортабельные приюты, где животные находятся под наблюдением волонтеров.
У каждой собаки и кошки есть своя клетка, табличка с указанием ее имени, веса, возраста и ее предпочтений.

Как называют американцы домашних животных в плане «он/она»

Так же, как и у нас — he/she — он/она. What’s his name?
It — используется только в случае с дикими животными.

Как по-английски шерсть

Шерсть или мех домашнего животного — «fur».

Как по-английски — лапы

«Paw — paws» — лапа — лапы.

Как переводится слово «Canine»

«Canine» — научный термин, переводится так же «собака».

Как по-английски «щенок»

«Щенок» — Puppy — 2-х месячный щенок.
«Kittens» — котята.

Как по-английски «бездомная собака»

A homeless/ stray/ street dog — бродячая бездомная уличная собака.

Лай собаки — как сказать по-английски

Bark, woof-woof, ruff-ruff — зависит от страны.

Почему нельзя говорить — I like dog

Если вы скажете «I like dog» — это будет означать, что вы любите кушать собак.
Правильно будет сказать — I like dogs.
*Мне кажется, в самом начале, я так и говорила I like dog))
Буржуи, конечно, народ вежливый, и в контексте, они прекрасно понимают, что вы имеете ввиду, но представляю, как это забавно звучит из наших уст.

Вот еще пример:

I like chiken — люблю кушать курочку.
I like chikens — курица — милое создание, мне нравится птица.

Разговорные  вопросы о собаке/кошке

How old is your dog?
What’s his name?
What kind of dog do you have? — речь о породе собаки.

What kind of dogs do you like and dislike?
Do owners have to clean up after their dogs in your town?
Have you ever had a dog or cat for a pet?
Where did you get it from?
Who takes care of it?

What do you feed it? what does it look like?
Do you play with it? What toys does it have?
What do you call it? How did you choose this name?
What are the pros and cons of keeping a pet?
Does your dog or cat know any tricks?
Do you keep your dog indoors or outdoors?

Это был вольный перевод видео ниже..
Так же, это видео очень полезно для практики восприятия английской речи на слух.

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  1. HERE ARE SOME Conversation Questions on Dogs


    Do you like dogs?
    Have you ever had a dog for a pet?
    Do you have a dog for a pet now?
    What would you do if someone bought you a puppy as a present?
    Are you ever afraid of dogs?
    Are dogs really man’s best friend?
    Do you think dogs are the best kind of pet?
    Do you think dogs have a good life?
    What do you think of dogs that bark non-stop?
    In what ways are dogs helpful to humans?
    Are there many abandoned dogs in your town?
    Do owners have to clean up after their dogs in your town? Walt is the penalty for failing do do so?
    Imagine that your dog is drowning and so is a stranger and you can only save one of them. Which one do you save and why?
    When is it acceptable for a dog to bite?
    Why are dogs disliked in some cultures?
    English, dogs go “woof woof”. How about in your language or other languages you know?
    Can you think of some reason why people don’t keep dogs or cats?

  2. Dog breeds

    What is a breed?
    How many breeds of dogs can you name?
    What kind of dogs do you like and dislike?
    Which dog breed do you think is the most intelligent and which the dumbest?
    Do you prefer pedigree or mongrel dogs?
    Would you rather pay a lot of money and get a dog from a breeder or pay little money and rescue a homeless dog from a shelter?
    Do you think pit bulls are dangerous dogs or do you think that pit bulls tend to have dangerous owners?

  3. Pampered dogs

    Would you let your dog sleep in your bed? What do you think of this practice?
    Do dogs go to heaven?
    Do you think some owners care too much for their dogs and not enough for other people?
    Do you think people spend too much money on dogs?
    What do you think of dog hotels, dog cafes and poodle parlours?

  4. Collars and control

    Do you think its bad to keep a dog on a collar?
    What do you think about slip collars also known as “choke chains”?
    What do you think about metal prong collars or “pinch collars”?
    What do you think about an electric “shock” collars?
    What do you think about using a harness to control a dog?
    What is your opinion of bark control collars?
    When do you think a GPS collar collar would be useful?

  5. Dog food

    Dog is on the menu in many countries. What do you think of this?
    Can you name some countries that eat dogs or cats?
    Walt would you do if somebody offered you a plate of dog?
    What is the difference between eating cow, horse and dog?
    What does a “dog eat dog world” mean?

  6. Treatment and ethics

    Do you think that ear cropping is cruel and unnecessary mutilation?
    Do you think having a dog spayed or neutered is necessary?
    Do you think it is ethical to euthanize an old dog?
    Do you think it’s ethical to euthanize dogs at the shelter? Or do you think it should always be “no-kill” shelters?
    What do you think about greyhound racing?
    Do you think it’s cruel to keep dogs in a crate or cage? Or should they be allowed to roam free?
    Do you think there should be stiffer penalties for animal cruelty?
    What do you think about tail docking? The removal of portions of an animal’s tail. Do you think it’s an unnecessary, painful and cruel mutilation — or do you think pet owners should be able to do as they please?
    What do you think of ear cropping? The removal of part or all of the external visible flap of the ear.
    Are tail docking and ear cropping legal in your country?
    What is your opinion of surgical debarking (devocalization)? In this case tissue is removed from the animal’s vocal cords to permanently reduce the volume of their bark.
    Do you think it’s okay to leaving a dog unattended in a vehicle?
    Do you think pet owners who fail to provide necessary veterinary care should be criminalized?
    Do you think people who adopt a large number of stray dogs are “animal hoarders” or “animal rescuers?”
    What is your opinion of people who organize dog fights?

  7. Cats and dogs

    Which do you like best, dogs or cats?
    What are some good names for dogs or cats?
    Why would you keep a dog instead of a cat?
    What can cats do that dogs can’t?

  8. Breeds

    beagle — boxer — bull terrier — chihuahua /t???w??w?, t???w??w??AmE/ cocker spaniel — dachshund /?d?ks?nd/BrE (sausage dog) /?d??ksh?nd/AmE (weenie dog) — Dalmatian — Dobermann — German shepherd — golden retriever — Labrador — pit bull — poodle — Yorkshire terrier /?j??rk??r ?teri?r/ (Yorkie)

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