Упражнения на Some — Any

10 упражнений на отработку правила использования Some — Any. В последнем тесте вы можете проверить себя на знание производных от some/any: anything, somewhere, somebody, anywhere, anyone.

Упражнение # 1

Выберите верный вариант

1. There __ people in the restaurant.

  • are any
  • are some
  • is some

2. There __ information about careers in the library.

  • are some
  • is some
  • isn’t some

3. There __ money on the table.

  • is a
  • is any
  • is some

4. __ cheese in this sandwich?

  • Are there any
  • Is there a
  • Is there any

5. Yes, __

  • there are
  • there cheese
  • there is

6. __ letter for you.

  • There’s a
  • There’s any
  • There’s some

7. __ customers in the shop?

  • Are there any
  • Is there
  • Is there any

8. No, __

  • there any
  • there are
  • there aren’t

9. There __ students in the classroom.

  • are no
  • aren’t no
  • isn’t no

10. __ petrol in the car.

  • There aren’t
  • There is a
  • There’s no
Правильные ответы к упражнению # 1

Упражнение # 2

Вставьте a/ an / some

I have ….. good idea.
That’s ….. interesting job!
They have found ….. gold in that old mine.
Do the Smiths have ….. yellow van?
Look! He’s having ….. sandwiches.
He always likes ….. piece of chocolate.
I have ….. homework to do for tomorrow.
There’s ….. nice girl in the red car.
Would you like ….. milk with your cookies?
How about ….. grapes?

Правильные ответы к упражнению # 2

Упражнение # 3

Some или Any?

They need ____ bananas.
We can’t buy ____ posters in this shop.
We haven’t got ____ oranges at the moment.
Tom has bought ____ new books.
He always takes ____ sugar with her coffee.

I have seen ____ nice postcards in this souvenir shop.
There aren’t ____ folders in my bag.
I have ____ magazines for you.
There are ____ apples on the table.
Kate does not have ____ pencils on her desk.

Правильные ответы к упражнению # 3

Упражнение # 4

Скажите по-английски следующие предложения с использованием some / any

У вас есть помидоры?
На полу лежат учебники.
Тебе дали кетчуп? Нет, у них нет вообще кетчупа.
Вы должны есть свежие фрукты.
Нам пришлось подождать несколько минут.
Остался ли у нас хлеб?
Они не пели никаких песен.
Вот кукурузные хлопья, но молока нет.
Я ищу хорошую музыку.
В холодильнике нет масла. Пойдем купим немного.

Правильные ответы к упражнению # 4

Упражнение # 5

Найдите ошибки.
Сделайте предложения правильными.

Can I have any of these kiwis?
We saw the dolphins in the sea.
They went to town without a money.
Buy apples if you see any.
Would you like any more tea?

Come and see me any time you want.
He never does the work.
You can take bus to the city centre.
Peter never gives his mother any help.
There’s hardly a coffee left.

Правильные ответы к упражнению # 5

Упражнение # 6

Поставьте правильно some/any

Would you like ….. time to think about it?
She has ….. friends in Moscow.
I got ….. nice presents for Christmas this year.
Is there ….. bread in the house?
Look! There are ….. large black birds on the roof of the church.
Is there ….. time to go shopping?
….. people in my school like Jazz.

Правильные ответы к упражнению # 6

Упражнение # 7

Скажите эти предложения на английском используя some/any.

У тебя есть домашние животные?
У нас нет масла.
У тебя есть какая-нибудь мелочь?
У тебя масло на подбородке.
В парке есть собаки?
В бассейне нет воды.
Прошлой зимой здесь был снег.

Правильные ответы к упражнению # 7

Упражнение # 8

Найдите ошибки

If you are hungry, there are the biscuits in the cupboard.
There isn’t sugar in my coffee.

There are some people in the office.
I have friends.
There’s money in my wallet.

Are there any trains to London this morning?
We bought a coffee.
There isn’t the bread left.

Правильные ответы к упражнению # 8

Упражнение # 9

Поставьте правильно some/any

Would you like ______ milk?
There aren’t ______ people at the party.
I’m sure I’ll return to Japan ______ day.
This job is going to take ______ time.
There aren’t ______ trees in my street.
He does not have ______ patience.
There aren’t ______ students in the classroom.

We will have ______ news soon.
I don’t need ______ help.
Have you seen ______ good films recently?
Do you have ______ brothers or sisters?
Did you catch ______ fish?
I didn’t get ______ nice presents for Christmas this year.
She’s so rude. No wonder she doesn’t have ______ friends.

Правильные ответы к упражнению # 9

Упражнение # 10

Тест на знание производных от some/any.
Вставьте, где нужно anything, somewhere, somebody, anywhere, anyone.

I’d like to go ….. hot this summer.
There is ….. on the phone for you.
Are you going ….. this Christmas?
I don’t have ….. to wear to the dance.
I’m not hungry. I don’t want ….. to eat.
Does ….. know the answer?

Правильные ответы к упражнению # 10

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