Как сказать «безалкогольные напитки»

Безалкогольные напитки по-английски — soft drinks.


We have some soft drinks.

Do you have any soft drinks?

Top 5 reasons soft drinks are bad for you.

Soft drinks are a staple drink here in the USA.

Unfortunately, some people have been enjoying soft drinks a bit too much.

If you’re a regular soft drink user, you might be surprised to learn that according to Science Daily, “individuals who drink soft drinks on a daily basis may be at increased risk of suffering vascular events such as stroke, heart attack, and vascular death.”

В разных частях Америки, такие безалкогольные напитки как Пепси и Кока-кола называют «сода», «поп», «сода-поп». Давид/US

In different parts of the country, soft drinks like Pepsi or Coca-Cola are called ‘soda,’ ‘pop,’ ‘soda-pop,’ or other things.

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