Как сказать по-английски «мне удалили зуб»

A tooth extraction — удаление зуба.
I had a tooth pulled — мне удалили зуб.

Самая распространенная разговорная фраза — I got a tooth pulled — мне удалили зуб.


I have some tooth pain following a tooth extraction a couple of days ago.
What to eat after you have a tooth pulled.
First 24 hours after having your tooth pulled.
Tooth extraction or ‘pulling teeth’ is often either part of orthodontic work.
Should I get a tooth pulled?

They my tooth out — мне выдернули зуб.
I got my tooth removed — мне удалили зуб.
Taking my tooth out
I lost a tooth — я потерял зуб.см. ниже пояснение Дэвида.
He underwent a tooth extraction.
His tooth was extracted.
He’s got a tooth pulled — this is close, «He had a tooth pulled» or «he got a tooth pulled» or extracted.
I had a tooth pulled.
I got a tooth yanked out — сленг.

If you say someone lost a tooth, it might have been pulled by a dentist or oral surgeon, or it could’ve been knocked out accidentally, like in a rough hockey game or a fight.

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