Готовим домашнюю шаурму — рецепт на английском

Hi there,
today I am going to telling you how to make homemade shawurma. Despite that is not a Russian dish, we really like it. You can see the shawarma on every corner of Moscow. Traditionally it is made with cabbage. But I don’t like cabbage, so I use lettuce.


– pita or wrap bread,
– iceberg lettuce,
– tomato,
– cucumber,
– hard cheese,
– onion (if you like),
– bell pepper,
– mayonnaise,
– chicken meat (chicken thigh) or lamb, turkey, pork.
I prefer chicken meat.


1. Take chicken thigh and remove the bones from the chicken thigh.
One chicken thigh to 2 shawurma.

2.Then put the meat in the pan and fry it on high heat setting.
Then turn the heat down.

3. Cover the pan with a lid to completely fry the meat.
Fry it until it has a golden crust.

4. After that, let it cool.

5. Chop vegetables.

6. Then greate the cheese with a grater.

7. Now, take a pita and put the leaf of iceberg lettuce.

8. Then put fried chicken and vegetables and sprinkle with the cheese.

9. Add mayo.

10. Wrap it.

That’s it, shawurma is ready.

Bon appetit!

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