Рецепты на английском: Пельмени

Пельмени одно из самых любимых блюд в России.
Конечно, многие покупают пельмени в магазине.
Но гораздо лучше, если вы приготовите их сами.

Рецепт пельменей на английском

So, we need the following ingredients:

For dough:

— Flour 125 gr,
— One egg,
— Warm water ⅔ cup,
— Salt one teaspoon,
— Vegetable oil two teaspoons.

For filling:

— Сhopped meat: pork + beef — 50/50.
— One big onion,
— Water – 2/3,
— Salt one teaspoon,
— Paper to taste.

You can use mushrooms and fish, or any other kind of meat: mutton, turkey as well.

For serve:

Sour cream, or butter/ ketchup, / vinegar. Dill.

Things for doing:

A glass with thin edges or an iron pelmennica.

Steps — Preparation of pelmeni

First, cook the dough.
Take a bowl, and sift the flour into it.
Then add the egg and salt.

Now add one spoon of oil and warm water and begin to mix or to fold them into the dry ingredients.

We knead the dough about7-10 minutes.
The dough should be elastic, not soft and sticky.

Wrap the dough in plastic wrap.
Let the dough sit for 20-30 minutes.
Now we are making the filling.

You can take ready beefmeat like me, or take a half portion of pork and a half portion of beef and put them through the meat grinder.

Then chop the onion.
I do it with a grater.

You can use meat grinder or the Vegetable-Chopper or blender.
Now we mix well the forcemeat onion salt and pepper + water.

There should be a lot of onion. It gives the meat juiciness.
Has been 30 minutes.

Ok all are ready.
I’ll show two ways how to do pelmeni.

The first way is with a pelmennica.
Take the dough and divide into two parts.

Roll out the dough not too thin and not too thick — about 1/7 inch thick.
Then sprinkle the pelmennica with flour.

If you don’t sprinkle the mold the pelmenies stick and cleave into.
Put the rolling dough over pelmennica.

Now place the filling into the dough over.
Roll out the second chunk of dough and place it on top.
Begin to roll from the middle to the ends like me.

Make sure if you roll out well enough.
Then remove the edges of dough.

Turn the mold over to let the pelmeni fall out.
Put the rest of the dough in plastic wrap, and use again after 20-30 minutes.

Making pelmeni by hands.

The second way doing pelmeni is by your hands and a glass.

Take a glass with thin edges.

Сut out about 1 1/2 inch rounds.
Place some filling into the middle of each circle.

And fold it and pinch the edges to seal completely.
Then connect the corners like this. Pinch the corners together.

Fold over and seal the edges with your fingers then bring the ends round and pinch them together.

Our pelmeni are ready and you can boil them. But if you want to save them for a long time in the fridge you should take a cutting board flour it and then put the ready pelmeni onto it. Place pelmeni onto a well-floured cutting board.

Then put it to the fridge for 40 minutes.When the pelmeni freeze you can put them into a plastic bag. They can be kept in a freezer for up to 2-3 months.


Into the boiling water put two bey leaves, salt and pepper corns.
Put the pelmeni into. Don’t should put many pelmeni at once.

Stir them with a table spoon.
When the pelmeni float to the surface boil them about 5-7 minutes, not more!

That’s it, remove them with the slotted spoon, drain them a bit and put on a plate.
The pelmeni served usually with butter, sour cream, vinegar, ketchup or broth.

Bon appetit!


For making the dough use only warm water. Not hot, not cold – only warm! That’s important!

Using a lot of onion gets the filling juicy!

Put the filling exactly in the middle and make sure to add enough of the filling.

If you put too little filling in, you will be eating only dough.

Too more — you will get open edges on pelmeni.

Then sprinkle with flour pelmennica.

The pelmennica can be purchased on Amazon or Aliexpress.

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