Топик на английском: Сколько зарабатывают русские

В статье дан расклад зарплат россиян по самым разным профессиям: от учителей, веб сферы, до священников. Конечно, всё это — средние цифры.

Зарплаты указаны по Москве и выборочно по разным городам нашей страны.
Так же, хочу обратить ваше внимание на то, что иностранцам лучше предоставлять информацию о заработках в России по следующей схеме:

— столицу лучше разделять от других уголков России, т.к. зарплаты сильно разнятся;
— зарплату русских лучше умножить на 12, т.к. «их» доход всегда рассматривается как годовой;
— не лишним будет упомянуть, что переработки наших сотрудников редко или практически НЕ оплачиваемы, в отличие от бонусов, имеющихся в Штатах.

What are the average Russian earnings by profession 2016 ?

Hello everyone,

this article is about average Russian salaries and what are the average Russian yearly wages.

So, Russia is a big country, therefore wages depend on where you live and what position you have. Some positions are paid very well here. I’ll tell you about average salaries in Moscow and in the rest of Russia.

Why do I differentiate Moscow from other parts of Russia?

Moscow was always the country within the country and the quality of life here is (and always was) quite different from that in other regions. I will touch upon that difference in a separate article/video. That’s a topic for another post.

Despite the fact that Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, the salaries here are rather low comparing with the other expensive cities. You will see it now.

Before I tell you about the earnings of Russians, I would like to bring your attention to a couple of points.

1. The salary in Russia is paid twice a month – there is an advance payment and a remainder payment.

Therefore Russians have no idea how much they make in an hour or per year.
If you ask a Russian: “What is the salary of a surgeon in Russia?”, you get an answer about the salary a month, not per year as it accepted in America or other countries.

2. In a majority of cases the overtime is not paid in Russia. Occasionally there could be some bonus payment, but that doesn’t happen often.

3. Each area of Russia has their own pay range, therefore all salaries that I’ll tell you just are average salaries, because it’s hard to say how much people may get. One can get $3700, whereas another can get $20K dollars at the same profession.

So, I took our average monthly salary and converted it into American dollars.
The exchange rate presently is about 65 rubles for one dollar.
For your convenience I have also converted the monthly salary into the yearly one.

Now, how much money do lawyers make in Russia?

Most lawyers in Moscow have a salary in the range $9,000 – 13,000 per year.
There are some that make $30K -50K, even 100 K per year and more.
Those are exceptional cases. As a rule they are Moscow famous attorneys and counselors.
That’s the situation in Moscow.

What about in the rest of Russia?

How much can a lawyer earn in other parts of Russia?

The average salary of a lawyer in S.Petersburg is $7,300 per year.
Astrakhan – $4,600 per year.
Volgograd – $4,100 per year.
Novosibirsk – $5,500 per year.

Next, let’s talk about how much doctors make in Russia.

A therapist in Moscow makes $9,200 per year.
A therapist in Volgograd has a rather modest salary of $3,700 per year.

A surgeon in Moscow makes around $9,200 per year.
A surgeon in Siberia makes $5,500 per year.

The average salary for this job in Moscow is around $8,000- 20,000 per.
The average salary in other regions is $4,000 – 13,000 per year.

A nurse in Moscow has the average salary of $6,500 dollars.
The average income of a nurse in Ufa is $3,700 per year.
Next position is an engineer

The average salary of an engineer in Moscow is $9,200 per year.
The average pay for this job in Irkutsk is $7,000 every year.

The average salary for someone working at the Police in Moscow tends to be about $6500 + bribes a year.
Road police officers have the same salary plus bribes.
In Kazan police officers make around $4,600 + bribes.

The fireman’s salary in Moscow is about $6,000 thousand dollars per year.
In other parts of Russia they get rather less, it’s around $5,000.

Moscow – $7,400;
Saint Petersburg – $4,600;
Ivanovo – $2,200;
The average salary for teachers across Russia is $3,700 per year.

They have very small salaries across Russia, it’s about $2,500.
In Moscow they earns a bit more, it’s about $6,500.

The average level of pay for those who working as a tech support in Moscow is $6,500 per year.
In other parts of Russia they have their salaries $3,700.

Now, let’s talk about web professions.

Most of web positions are paid very well.
For example, the computer programmers earn around $24,000 per year.
That’s really good for Russia.
As for the other regions it can be less, it’s around $15,000.

Moscow – $28,000 per year.
The average salary for this job in other parts of Russia is $9,200;

Average salary in Moscow is $13,000 per year;
Average salary in Vologda is $8,300 per year;

Moscow – $11,000 per year.
Vladivostok – $7,000 per year.

SEO-specialists in Moscow make $9,200 per year.
The average pay for this position in Murmansk is $5,500 per year.

I should tell that web sphere is a job that allows you to work as a freelancer. Many Russian web specialists are working from home on a freelance basis. Therefore the actual salaries can be much higher than I mentioned. As far as I know the average pay for this work in Ukraine are rather less comparing with Russia, therefore many Moscow companies hire the web specialists from Ukraine.
Now about OFFICE positions.

HR representative

The yearly average pay for this position in Moscow is around $8,300.
In other parts of Russia they pay for this job around $5,400

Moscow – $13,000;
Sergiev Posad – $6,000;

Moscow – $13,000;
Voronezh – $7,300;

The median annual salary in Moscow for this position is $7,400.
The average salary In Ulyanovsk is $2,800.

Moscow – $11,100;
Vladimir – $5,500;

Moscow – $4,600;
Other parts of Russia – $1,800;

Moscow – $4,600;
Tver – $3,100;

Moscow – $7400 +
Nizhniy Novgorod – $4000 +

What is the average income of drivers?

A BUS DRIVER in Moscow makes $1,100.
The average salary in S. Petersburg is $9,200.

Moscow – $24,000;
Other regions of Russia – $10,000;
TRUCK DRIVERS or Interstate drivers

Moscow is around $9,200;
Chelyabinsk – $13,000;
Chukotka – $17,000;

Moscow – $11,100;
Saint Petersburg – $9,200;
Kazan – $8,500;

The average annual salary of an auto mechanic in Moscow is $13,000.
The average pay for this position in Samara is $7,400 per year.

Now let’s see how much they pay to their employees in cafes in restaurants?

Moscow – $6,500;
Other regions of Russia – $3,700;

Moscow – $5500 + tips;
Tambov – $2500 + tips;
McDonald’s employees in Moscow have their pay in range – $3,700.

The average level of pay for a shop assistant in Moscow is $6,500 per month.
The average pay for someone employed in this line of work in other parts of Russia tends to be about $3,000 a year.

In Moscow they earn around $9,200.
In Archangelsk they have the average salary about $7,300.

Moscow – $8,300;
Other regions of Russia – $4,500;

The median annual salary for this position in Moscow is $7,300.
Mytyshi – $7,300;
Kirov – $2,800;
The average salary across Russia is $5,500.

The average salary of Veterinarians in Moscow is $5,500.
The yearly average pay for this position in Yekaterinburg is around $3,700.

The average salary for those working as a psychologist is about $6,000 a year. It’s Moscow.
In Krasnodar they pay for this job around $3,300.

Their average income in Moscow is around $10 – 30 per one hour.
Average pay for this job in other regions is $8 per hour.

Moscow – $9200;
Other parts of Russia – $5,900;

Moscow – $10,000;
Kirov – $8,300;

In this line of work in Moscow they pay around $9,200.
As for other parts of Russia it’s about $4,600.

How much a baby sitters make in Moscow?

The average salary for this job is around $3 per hour.
In Tomsk the average pay is $100 per hour.

Final position is actors.
How much famous people make in Russia?
Russian movie stars do not have such huge salaries as Hollywood celebrities.
They have about $7000 per one day of shooting. It’s for only celebrities.
Ordinary actors make rather modestly.

Famous music groups and singers take for one performance in the range of 40K – 100K american dollars or euros.

That’s it for today, friends.

As you see, the average salary in Moscow for most professions is just $6,500 per year, that is 35,000 rubles or $540 per month.
The average salary across Russia is $2,200 per year. Such salaries are mainly in small towns.
In the big cities such as S.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg the situation is a bit better.
So, the difference of our salaries and earnings in the US, Canada and Australia is quite obvious.

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